Monday, November 21, 2011

Turkey's & A Pumpkin Patch

The Holiday's just seem to lend themselves to all things tacky. I will not be getting out my rudolph sweatshirt, accept of course for an ugly sweater party, but I did make my first character cake pops. Here's my attempt at turkeys and pumpkins. Happy Thanksgiving!

It might have been just as much fun finding just the right sprinkles and candies to complete the turkey beaks, eyes and feathers as it was to make these little guys. I chose Whoppers for the turkey heads, chocolate candy coated sunflower seeds for the beaks, leaf shaped red sprinkles for the distinctly turkey wattle, and some Duff black chocolate for the eyes.

As creepy as my little turkey heads are laying around body-less, I was delighted at how they came out.

For the tail feathers I used sour patch kids. Bakerella ( used candy corn, which I thought was a great idea, but I was looking for something I could attach together so that I could put the tail on in one motion.

I made some cuts and pressed the cut edges together to make one colorful turkey tail.

I had lofty goals of adding little feat to my turkeys with yellow leaf sprinkles, but abandoned the idea when I realized the balancing act required to get the head and tail to stick to the cake pop chocolate. I realize I could have made the cake pop and then attached the head and tail with chocolate afterward, but I thought they would look more seemless if I attached the head and tail directly to the unsolidified chocolate covering. Oh by the way, these are red velvet cake pops. I love red velvet, and realized too late that I was having a Stell Magnolia's moment. Remember the bleeding armadillo cake?

Here are my turkeys!

The pumpkins were obviously much more simple. I used the stems from holly berry sprinkles, and some more of those candy coated sunflower seeds for my pumpkin stems.

Some of my pumpkins had some leaves fall on them.

I loved making these! I hope the recievers of these turkey's and pumpkins enjoy eating them as much as I enjoyed creating them.


  1. Jenn-these look great! You are so awesome, hope a turkey or pumpkin is saved for me. :) he he

  2. Just as cute as can be! Happy Thanksgiving from the Taylors!