Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Birthday Baking

The holidays completely slowed down any and all blogging. However, two recent birthdays brought about some new ideas.

A close freind's birthday required a treat as strong, sassy and pulled together as she is. Plus, it had to be a "To Go" treat as her birthday party was on wheels. Literally. I decided to create cake pops in red with touches of silver and white. I used a design idea that is meant for royal icing, but that ended up working decently with chocolate to make flowers.

First, I filled a decorating bag with white candy melts and added a #1 round tip. I then piped the outline of the flower on the cake pop. Then I used a paint brush that had been sitting in warm water to pull the petals down to the center. Finally, I piped the center of the flower onto the cake pop. Once I was feeling confident I even added leaves.

These were my final product.

The Rooster's daughter is turning 10, and I came up with a few cupcakes to celebrate being a decade old. His daughter and son love eating mini oreos at their Mimi's house. So I figured that oreo cupcakes were in order. Happy Birthday was piped onto a double stuff atop each cupcake. The cupcakes with her initials were all hers!

Shaky piping work is great for cake pop flowers. Not so great for writing letters. Things to work on!

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